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You’ve found my website. Mostly, it’s a portfolio of my published writing. It’s also my personal blog. I have a section where I post write-ups of visits to natural winemakers. Perhaps you’re hear because you’ve heard of my print magazine, Pipettethe independent print magazine about natural wines, which I founded in 2017.

I’m a journalist and writer, and the editor/founder of the indie mag about natural wines Pipette Magazine. After living in New York for nine years, I now live in South Australia. I make a bit of wine here under the label Persephone Wines. In terms of writing, most of my time is focused on Pipette although I continue to freelance occasionally for various publications.

My articles, found in U.S. magazines such as Imbibe and Wine & Spirits and websites such as PUNCH, reach a wide range of audiences–both those who are curious about wine and food, and industry professionals. I champion naturally-working winemakers, and innovative and passionate chefs and sommeliers..

Reach me at: rachelsigner at gmail dot com. Also, I’m on Twitter and Instagram.


One thought on “About Me

  • Thank you for your article in The Nation. There are many of us out here in other cities, working day jobs, who are totally supporting the Occupy Movement, even though we can’t be there. i found your article extremely moving, as I have since the day the first Occupy happened, and then spread around the globe. It’s amazing, really…and tremendously heartening.

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