I write mostly about wine, food, and cocktails, occasionally venturing into arts and culture writing. Below is a smattering of my stuff.

Note: If you are here only because you want to glean knowledge about what and where to eat and drink, I salute you; simply head over to this page, where I’ve slapped together some helpful articles to get you started on the path to excessive gourmandism. Cheers!

Vogue.com Living Writings 

See here for a collection of my Vogue.com articles on natural wine, Parisian dining, cocktail culture, and more.


Eater.com Varietal Column:

Weekly Vine Pair Column, 2015-2016 

For one year, I wrote on a weekly basis for Vine Pair; check it out here.


Mezcal Feature on PUNCHDrink.com

Read my feature on wild agave mezcal and its threats to the culture of Oaxaca here.

Other Notable Wine + Food Writing:


Culture & Art Writing:

Literary Stuff:

  • Thankful,” Coda Quarterly, 2016
  • City,” Construction Magazine, 2013

Series on Occupy Wall Street for The Nation:

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