I write mostly about wine, food, and cocktails, occasionally venturing into arts and culture writing. Below is a smattering of my stuff.

As you’ll see, my writing is diverse, ranging from long features with multiple interviews, to extensively researched round-ups, to wine and spirits explainers and reviews, to chef profiles, to bar reviews, and even sometimes humorous writing–and, on topics unrelated to food, which you’ll find at the end of this page. Note: If you are here only because you want to glean knowledge about what and where to eat and drink, I salute you; simply head over to this page, where I’ve slapped together some helpful articles to get you started on the path to excessive gourmandism. Cheers!

Vogue.com Living Writings 

See here for a collection of my Vogue.com articles on natural wine, Parisian dining, cocktail culture, and more.


Eater.com Varietal Column:

Weekly Vine Pair Column, 2015-2016 

For one year, I wrote on a weekly basis for Vine Pair; check it out here


Mezcal Feature on PUNCHDrink.com

Read my feature on wild agave mezcal and its threats to the culture of Oaxaca here.

Other Notable Wine + Food Writing:


Culture & Art Writing:

Literary Stuff:

  • Thankful,” Coda Quarterly, 2016
  • City,” Construction Magazine, 2013

Series on Occupy Wall Street for The Nation:

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