#SuzanneLacy Turns the Classic Brooklyn Stoop into a Live Debate Spot

CM Capture 3I’m excited for the upcoming Creative Time event next weekend, led by the feminist artist Suzanne Lacy in collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum: a “stoop chat” on Oct 19 from 4:30pm onward, in which an invited group, consisting of mostly women and a few men will gather on stoops on a residential street in Brooklyn to discuss contemporary women’s issues like household labor, sexual assault, and gender and politics more broadly. The conversations will be unscripted and open to the general public. (It will be on Park Place between Vanderbilt and Underhill Avenues.)

Brooklyn_stoop2_thumbStoops have long been a place for neighborly socializing in Brooklyn culture. Now, Lacy and various community organizations are leveraging the power of the stoop to have a targeted, public discussion. It will be interesting to see how it shapes up!