Meet Sauvage’s Chef, The Ambitious, Fiery, Producer-Obsessed Lisa Giffen

IMG_1511Greetings, and I hope your 4th of July weekend was filled with delicious food and wine! Just one update here: I’m sure some of you who live in New York have already checked out Sauvage, which opened recently in Greenpoint (if you haven’t, I recommend it!). I profiled the ambitious, young, producer-obsessed chef there, Lisa Giffen, for Food Republic. I really admire her forward-thinking approach to sourcing ingredients, as well as the way she takes inspiration from the restaurant design and bar program. Read here

New Website Feature: My Most Useful Articles For Learning Abt Wine + Restaurants

IMG_1402People ask me two things, quite often:

  1. What kind of wine should I drink?
  2. Where should I eat?

My answer, much of the time, to the first question is, “Whatever you want! But probably Chenin, or Gamay. . . ” (not very helpful) and for the second question I usually just start waxing poetic about the fried squid at Wildair. So, I thought I would try to make a section on my website that contains my most informative articles (listicles, usually) about eating and drinking. Although, for people wanting to learn about wine, my Eater column is pretty good, too, I would say.

Here is the new section. It is a work-in-progress. So is this website. I focus mostly on constructing actual sentences, and doing interviews with people, in my work as a journalist. I also try to get paid for my writing. Which means that my blog is not really much of a blog (although, lately, I’ve been posting about my visits to interesting natural winemakers, which is something I can’t really publish on a media site but I’m still motivated to share). And my website is not really much of a website. What can I say–I’m hopelessly analog. If anybody has suggestions for this site, I am all ears! I’m not all moneybags, though, so please don’t recommend your friend who charges $3K to design sites. Other ideas welcome.