The Story of Anonymous

From Gawker:

Barrett Brown, the “Face” of Anonymous, has had a busy week, promoting the hacktivist collective’s extremely-confusing war against the notorious Zetas drug cartel in every outlet from CNN to Gawker. But a six-figure book deal probably helps with the fatigue.

Last month news broke that Brown and fellow Anonymous associate, Gregg Housh, were shopping around a book about their time with the collective. They just sold the book, tentatively titled Anonymous: Tales From Inside The Accidental Cyberwar, to Amazon’s new publishing imprint. And Amazon paid dearly for the story: Brown told us the sum was well into the six figures. “It’s a lot,” he said. (Caveat: Everything Brown says should be taken with a grain of salt. More on that in a second.)

Amazon is an odd choice for Brown, considering it bowed to pressure from Sen. Joe Lieberman and booted Wikileaks off its servers in December, sparking Anonymous ire. But Brown’s willing to let bygones be bygones.