natural wine producer profiles

When I can, I like to really zero in (no pun intended!) on natural winemakers who I think are doing something different. “Natural,” to me, means that wines are made with indigenous yeasts, organic or biodynamic grapes, no added enzymes, no or extremely minimal fining or filtration, and no or extremely minimal added sulfites. Here’s the collection:

In Toní Carbó’s Barrio: A Visit To Celler La Salada In Penedès, Spain

Terroir Is Boring, And Other Gems From Austrian Winemaker Christian Tschida

The Batshit Crazy (Literally!) Wines Of 2NaturKinder In Franconia

Alexandre Bain and the Fight For Pouilly-Fumé

Tasting With Michael Cruse + Hardy Wallace, The Laurel And Hardy Of California Wine

The New Wave Of Oregon Natural Wine: Notes From Tastings

The Eclectic, Vibrational Wines Of Christian Binner, In Alsace

Loire Valley Trip Report

Vasco Croft Recreates Traditional Portuguese Winemaking–And Channels The Cosmos–As His Biodynamic Estate Aphros

A Visit To Benjamin Taillandier’s Winery In Minervois

On Eater: Andrea Calek Is A Lazy Bum, And That’s Why His Wines Are So Good

On Eater: How Brianne Day Is Leading The Next Generation Of Natural Oregon Winemakers

On Food Republic: Meet Abe Schoener, The Wine World’s Enigmatic Cult Hero