Terre Magazine Featured In Edible Brooklyn

I’m still so high off the incredible excursion earlier this month in Georgia. Stay tuned for my full story on the country’s wine and food culture soon on Vice MUNCHIES, and in the meantime I’ve put up some detailed tasting notes on this blog.

But this month has continued to be a gem, because the Terre Magazine fundraiser on Kickstarter has not only taken off successfully, but it has already reached its funding goal, and we are beyond thrilled. We knew there would be support for our project, but we didn’t anticipate that we’d reach our initial target in under two weeks, and then continue to raise money beyond that. Wine retailers around the country have pre-ordered copies in bulk, and people as far away as South Africa are ordering copies to be delivered to their homes. Working on the editorial calendar now, and I’m personally so excited about the articles and artwork we’ll be putting out.

I could not do any of this without my incredibly talented and brilliant co-founders, Katie June Burton and Erika DaSilva. Their artistic perspectives balance out my journalistic approach, and I have to say, it feels really good to say that Terre is a women-run publication. 

To learn more about who we are, what Terre is, and what it means that we are women-run, check out the recent feature on our magazine by local writer Alicia Kennedy in Edible Brooklyn. You can still support the project on Kickstarter (link HERE) until June 8th; the more funds we have, the more we can offer our contributors in terms of compensation, plus we’ll be able to hold launch events to support our retail partners.

We are really looking forward to sharing Terre with you, and already the process has been so creatively fulfilling and challenging in all the right ways. We have a newsletter via Tiny Letter where you can sign up for occasional updates from Terre, and we’re also on Instagram.

Cheers to you all for your early support of this endeavor! Bon weekend!

Meet Terre Mag This Weekend At #FOODBOOKFAIR2017

It’s been many months in the works–and it all started at that damn wine bar, Wildair, where I keep going back, again and again, unable to resist the funky wines, the fried shrimp dish, the raucous tattooed kitchen staff.

The hostess, as well, was incredibly friendly, and as I showed up more and more regularly, she always blessed our glasses with a much welcomed splash of Les Capriades pét-nat as we waited for our seats. Over time, I got to know her: Erika, an artist; I discovered her Instagram and fell deeply, madly in love with her wine- and food-themed gouache paintings. 

Finally, I got up the courage to blurt out, as she was ushering me to my seat one night: “I’m obsessed with your work. We have to collaborate!” Being modest, she blushed and adjusted her eyeglasses. Then she said, “Sure! Give me a call,” and filled my glass. We worked together for this article about natural wine on the Lower East Side for Food Republic, but we knew there could be something bigger. We began scheming, planning, brainstorming over coffee, grain bowls, and of course, wine.

Months later, Erika and I found our third counterpart, a talented food photographer and pop-up chef named Katie (she took the fantastic photo you see here, as well as most of the shots on our Instagram/Kickstarter) and we formed Terre Mag: an indie print mag about natural wines and heritage foods. 

This coming weekend, we will be representing Terre Mag at the Food Book Fair, taking place on Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm both days, at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan. For $5, you can pass through and meet tons of indie food mags like us. We’ll be giving away beautiful wine tote bags, printed with one of Erika’s original paintings, to a select handful (if you mention you saw my blog post, you’ll totally get a bag). Honestly, it’s a fun event–I’ve gone several years in a row–and a great place to meet people. So, get the F off Tinder, and go to Food Book Fair to flirt with some cool people who love to eat and drink well!

And more importantly, we need some early support for our Kickstarter! Check it out here. We have less than a month to raise $10K to get this biannual magazine going. Please go check out the Kickstarter and if you can, at least pre-order your copy of Terre Mag, and spread the word on social media (you can start by following our Instagram). Shout everywhere and anywhere about Terre Mag; your help is much appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Over and out, your fellow lover of sincere, wild, delicious terroir. 


Meet Sauvage’s Chef, The Ambitious, Fiery, Producer-Obsessed Lisa Giffen

IMG_1511Greetings, and I hope your 4th of July weekend was filled with delicious food and wine! Just one update here: I’m sure some of you who live in New York have already checked out Sauvage, which opened recently in Greenpoint (if you haven’t, I recommend it!). I profiled the ambitious, young, producer-obsessed chef there, Lisa Giffen, for Food Republic. I really admire her forward-thinking approach to sourcing ingredients, as well as the way she takes inspiration from the restaurant design and bar program. Read here

Meet The #LadyChef Who Cooks For Marc Jacobs (And Throws Secret Dance Parties)

Squid course Heatonist popupWhy is Marc Jacobs’ personal chef throwing secret dance parties in Chinatown? How did she come up with that insanely beautiful activated charcoal-dusted squid dish, served at a pop-up dinner in a hot sauce boutique? Who is Lauren Gerrie, anyway, and why is she so damn talented?

Answers in my profile of this dynamic, self-made chef, on Taste Talks. If you haven’t yet checked out Taste Talks, it’s a fairly new media endeavor from Northside Media (same folks running Brooklyn Magazine and L Magazine, plus the annual Taste Talks event in Brooklyn, which is this year expanding to L.A. and Chicago). Read my story here

A New Appellation, Ivy Mix Profile

Cairanne, in the Rhone Valley
Cairanne, in the Rhone Valley

My last two Eater articles have been so nerdy. And I fear it’s just the beginning.

First, I wrote about the question: Should natural wine become an “official” category? It’s a real issue in France, at the moment. Thanks to the Big Glou (which, soon, you’ll hear more about, when my article about that tasting finally comes out), I was able to interview some of France’s most important natural winemakers. Read my article on Eater, here.

And then, also for Eater, I wrote about the upgrading of a Rhone Valley appellation, Cairanne, to cru status. I know that sounds kind of boring, but I promise you, appellation politics are more interesting than the election cycle! Read it here.

Plus, I have a super fun profile of the amazingly talented mezcal-smuggling-Speed Rack-founding-Tales of the Cocktail-winning bartender Ivy Mix, on Food Republic. Her Brooklyn bar Leyenda is a must visit. Read my profile feature here.


Wine For Netflix, Mezcal, Breaking Wine “Rules”

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.57.09 PMIs anyone else tired of those sponsored Twitter ads, for the “Netflix of wine,” showing a woman nursing an oversized glass of red?

Well, ignore the “Netflix of wine,” because I think we need wine for Netflix. Yes, I know–like me, you’ve also begun binge-watching House of Cards Season 4! And possibly you also blazed through the first season of Love?

That’s why I wrote in my latest Vine Pair column about which wines go best with the current line-up of Netflix series. Read it here(My dream is that Chelsea Handler’s PR team will contact me to see if I want to do a story about what wines she loves, or something like that)


This week, I also had new stories on Esquire.com, for which I enlisted one of Brooklyn’s most exciting bartenders, Ivy Mix, to help me select the most interesting bottles of mezcal out there, and on Vogue.com, where I worked with somms around the country to collect tips on breaking the so-called “rules” of wine. It’s important to demystify wine and shake off all the baggage surrounding it–and I even found out that one wine director in L.A. is using a bong to decant wines, in his restaurant!

Read the Vogue piece here, and the Esquire story on mezcal here.

Coming soon: my write-up of NYC’s first natural wine fair, The Big Glou! And if you missed it, I had an article last week on Tempranillo, for Eater, with some really interesting current news from Spain. Read it here.

Bon weekend!


Sake School And 10 Things All Women Should Know About Wine

IMG_8015I was determined to make 2016 the year I branched out from wine, and started learning about other delicious beverages that are equally as complex and interesting: sake, beer, mezcal, Scotch, coffee, and so on. So, I dove right in with a primer on sake, for Vine Pair.

The piece was really fun to work on, because sake is fascinating. It’s a basic intro to sake geared toward people who know nothing about it but want to explore its nuances. Read it here.

Additionally, I wrote for Vogue.com about the “ten things all women need to know about wine.” It’s basically a run-down of some building blocks of wine knowledge that will make anyone feel more confident about ordering and drinking bottles. Find it here.

Now . . . I’m off to New Mexico to relax and unplug for a week. No wine! OK, maybe I’ll go say hello to the Gruet winery . . .