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What Does It Mean To Be A “Critic” In Wine And Food Writing?

Most of the time, writing on this blog is like dancing alone in my living room; nobody sees me except, perhaps, a few dozen onlookers clustered in the apartment across the way, who casually glance over as I flail around clumsily, to some tune they can’t hear, or the proverbial beat of my own drum.… Continue reading What Does It Mean To Be A “Critic” In Wine And Food Writing?

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Writing About Women In Wine

Recently, PUNCH (one of my fave websites about booze) published a really thoughtful essay on how female winemakers are portrayed differently than their male counterparts. Specifically, the author is talking about so-called “rebel” winemakers, who are working independently (no corporate funding), and often making low-intervention, natural wines. The author is pointing out that, when it… Continue reading Writing About Women In Wine

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All the Single, Scrappy, Ambitious Ladies…

Last night, I finally saw the movie of the summer, a black-and-white pic about an anti-heroic, sterotypically-unfeminine woman in her late twenties, living basically hand-to-mouth in New York City (but not abstaining from $14-packs of American Spirit) while pursuing her artistic dream, to be a professional modern dancer. No, it’s not “GIRLS: The Movie,” although… Continue reading All the Single, Scrappy, Ambitious Ladies…