Mange La Résistance: How NYC Chefs Are Fighting Back Against Trump

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-9-11-15-amHere’s the best news you’ve had in the past few weeks: New York City chefs have made a bold gesture to demonstrate that they support immigrants who live in this country, and created a way for people who are devastated by the election results to get involved in resistance. It’s a really simple idea that can have serious impact.

Over the coming months, there will be a series of ticketed “family meals” at some of the city’s best restaurants: Wildair, Olmstead, Café Altro Paradiso, and Reynard. Family meal, if you don’t know, is the communal meal served just before a restaurant staff brings into action and opens its doors. It’s something of a sacred, intimate ritual–and these meals will be focused on generating conversation about what we can do to support immigrants, and each other, during these next four years. In partnership with Bon Appetit magazine, these restaurants will be donating proceeds from these ticketed meals to various immigrant rights organizations; they are listed at the ticketing site.

Bravo to these chefs and to BA mag for finding a simple way to create community and kickstart the resistance.


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