A New Appellation, Ivy Mix Profile

Cairanne, in the Rhone Valley
Cairanne, in the Rhone Valley

My last two Eater articles have been so nerdy. And I fear it’s just the beginning.

First, I wrote about the question: Should natural wine become an “official” category? It’s a real issue in France, at the moment. Thanks to the Big Glou (which, soon, you’ll hear more about, when my article about that tasting finally comes out), I was able to interview some of France’s most important natural winemakers. Read my article on Eater, here.

And then, also for Eater, I wrote about the upgrading of a Rhone Valley appellation, Cairanne, to cru status. I know that sounds kind of boring, but I promise you, appellation politics are more interesting than the election cycle! Read it here.

Plus, I have a super fun profile of the amazingly talented mezcal-smuggling-Speed Rack-founding-Tales of the Cocktail-winning bartender Ivy Mix, on Food Republic. Her Brooklyn bar Leyenda is a must visit. Read my profile feature here.


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