Wine For Netflix, Mezcal, Breaking Wine “Rules”

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.57.09 PMIs anyone else tired of those sponsored Twitter ads, for the “Netflix of wine,” showing a woman nursing an oversized glass of red?

Well, ignore the “Netflix of wine,” because I think we need wine for Netflix. Yes, I know–like me, you’ve also begun binge-watching House of Cards Season 4! And possibly you also blazed through the first season of Love?

That’s why I wrote in my latest Vine Pair column about which wines go best with the current line-up of Netflix series. Read it here(My dream is that Chelsea Handler’s PR team will contact me to see if I want to do a story about what wines she loves, or something like that)


This week, I also had new stories on, for which I enlisted one of Brooklyn’s most exciting bartenders, Ivy Mix, to help me select the most interesting bottles of mezcal out there, and on, where I worked with somms around the country to collect tips on breaking the so-called “rules” of wine. It’s important to demystify wine and shake off all the baggage surrounding it–and I even found out that one wine director in L.A. is using a bong to decant wines, in his restaurant!

Read the Vogue piece here, and the Esquire story on mezcal here.

Coming soon: my write-up of NYC’s first natural wine fair, The Big Glou! And if you missed it, I had an article last week on Tempranillo, for Eater, with some really interesting current news from Spain. Read it here.

Bon weekend!


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