How To Drink Sweet Wines Like A Pro

Hungarian aszú
Hungarian aszú

I know from my retail experience that Americans are terrified of sweet wines. “Is this wine dry?” is the question most customers ask, brandishing a bottle, cringing with the memory of some sickly sugary quaff they mistakenly imbibed years ago.

Forget about those terrible, sugar-laden wines — they aren’t the real deal. You should welcome sweet wines back into your life, and onto your table.

But how to know which ones to try, and what to pair them with? I wrote a little guide for Vine Pair, to get you started. Sweet wines cost a bit more than their dry counterparts because they are artisanal, limited-production items — you’ll see why, in the piece, when I explain about botrytis. So, a true sweet wine is a splurge. Hey, life is short, drink good wine.

Read my piece for Vine Pair, here

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