Mourvèdre & Thanksgiving Wines

IMG_7093We often think about wines in a static way – especially when it comes to grapes. Oh, Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s just there, it’s been there forever, right? But grapes have political and cultural biographies, or “careers,” you could say, just like people or countries do. 

Mourvèdre is a really fascinating grape. First of all, it is something of a cornerstone for various important figures in American gastronomic history, like MFK Fisher, Alice Waters, Richard Olney, Julia Child, and Kermit Lynch, all of whom were obsessed with Provence, its food and wine and scenery. But, were it not for the diligent research and replanting efforts of Lucien Peyraud of Domaine Tempier, the appellation of Bandol wouldn’t exist — and who knows whether upstart winemakers in California would now be making tasty cult bottles for us to geek out over?

Check out my piece about Mourvèdre, with wine recommendations, on Eater Drinks, here

Also, if you need Thanksgiving wine recommendations, I wrote about some of my preferred bottles on Food Republic – with options for budget-conscious drinkers as well as more splurge-y wines. Read here

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



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