Exciting things happening in the Willamette Valley!

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 8.52.01 PMOne of the most rewarding aspects about wine journalism is tracking the amazing people and projects I encounter through my stories. A few months ago, I wrote on Eater about Brianne Day’s plan to create a winery that aimed to be a sort of incubator, a space where upstart winemakers could get their hands dirty helping her with harvest and producing their first vintage.

And then, this harvest season, it actually happened! I watched from afar, through Brianne’s Instagram, as she brought in fruit, crushed, fermented, and had what looked like an incredible amount of fun with young people from all over who were so excited to work with her and make wine. Brianne’s passion is conveyed through her constant obsession with the grapes, the juice, the fermentation process. Despite having worked 8 harvest at top wineries around the world, and having made her own wine for a few vintages now, Brianne retains a certain curiosity toward winemaking, that reflects a naturalist’s approach, where the process it is about negotiating whatever idiosyncracies come with the current vintage.

Check out this short video from Ross Maloof, wine director at Philly’s Vedge, which serves delicious vegan food and amazing natural wines; it is just one example of the amazing spirit that took hold of people at Day Wines (as Brianne’s winery-collab is called) this fall. I can’t wait to taste these wines and see what will come of this ambitious project.


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