I’m In a National Commercial (And I Was Only Paid $250)

From all corners of the country, I’m getting e-mails from people I haven’t heard from in years. “I saw you on TV! You look great!”

I am not an actor by trade, and yet I wound up in a Match.com commercial that is currently airing on several major networks, including ESPN, Bravo, and the Food Network. My roommate is a professional actor and she would kill for an opportunity like this, but I just stumbled into it. I was scouted by a talent agency, randomly, while I was working at my retail job in Williamsburg (by a customer!). She took me outside for a 2-minute video interview. A few weeks later, I went to Madison Square Park for the shoot. I waited around for a few hours, chatting with the rest of the “talent”–many of whom turned out to be actual professional actors. I figured, if these “real” actors are here, I’m sure they won’t actually use my footage–it will just be market research. Finally, I was called, and my stomach started fluttering just like it would in high school right before I made a stage entrance. I’d forgotten how amazing that feeling is!

They filmed me talking to the guy in the shot with me about why I wasn’t on Match. At first, I was a little restrained; I wasn’t sure how honest they would want me to be, so I said that I felt deterred by the $60 membership fee (which is true). They cut the take and I thought we were finished. Then, someone whispered into my interviewer’s ear bud–perhaps sensing that I had not entirely fessed up–and we did another take. That’s when I gave a more honest explanation, and that’s what ended up in the ad.

So, there’s my acting debut! I got paid $250 total. Normally, actors receive payment each time a commercial airs. Here’s to being cheap labor. Oh, and my mother is truly embarrassed.

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