Missed Connections poem

You were reading Nabokov.

I leaned towards you and the eye contact was undeniable.

We sat opposite each other, with a row of seats between.

You were sitting down when i stepped onto the train at the bowling green station, i was standing in front of you, i couldn’t take my eyes off you, very hot, we both got off at grand central, i let you get in front of me when the train stopped, being the gentleman that i am.

I seen you, I wanted you, I was with other people but if I was by myself I would’ve talk to you.

I imagined my own levity as I broke the ice so you and he could pierce the irascible mystery of subway romance.

I got on at Carroll Street and you gave me your seat.

I dream about not thinking about these silly things and not secretly waiting for this day.

This morning on the downtown 6 train we sat across from each other and kept catching each others eyes and eventually a few smiles were shared.

I wanted to give you my number. 🙂

You were the smoking hot guy with dark skin scruffy beard with the piercing blue eyes which
kept staring at me over and over again, I haven’t been able to stop thinking of you.

Today you were wearing a really cute green tank top with a little pocket in front and rolled up sweat pants.

Prosecco and choc orange – m4w (Upper East Side)

 Hi there, these are the drinks we were each having while I was waiting for my take out order .
As soon you read the message then pls reply back..
you know what i mean.
I thought it would have made you feel uncomfortable under the circumstances; even though I knew you were checking me out.
were you looking at me on the G train this morning? 
You were listening to music and seemed to be getting into it.
Would luv to have lunch.
I was bar-tending and you told me that you worked at the museum. 
I had to rush to class, so I was barely able to introduce myself and shake your hand.
The train was down and we all split a cab back to union square. 
I wish I had gotten a chance to talk to you more before you went to the game.
If you find this, give me a Disney ending and tell me where you got off the train.
Would love to take you to dinner or coffee! 
Anyway describe what I look like and what I was wearing for my info.
I’m sorry I didn’t speak then.

You sit near me in Shul – m4m

Please contact me.

For my part, I wondered what kind of flowers they were, and secretly hoped they were for your daughter.

You seemed kind of amazing and we should try to see what happens being amazing together.
If you think this is you hit me up

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