Rabbity News: GreenRabbits.org Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the Green Rabbits newsletter! Every two weeks, you’ll receive updates from other Rabbits; information about upcoming events on food and urban issues; and links to Green Rabbits blog posts and other relevant readings from the web. We’re interested in your contributions and feedback, so please send thoughts about this newsletter to Rachel Signer, Communications Director of Green Rabbits, at rachel@greenrabbits.org. And if you don’t already follow us on social media sites, join the conversation by following us on Twitter and liking our Facebook page.

Green Rabbits Updates:

  • Now available: the SoundCloud link to last spring’s panel on “Food Systems and Local Governance,” which was developed by Rabbits Adam Jaffee, Matthew Hoffman, Claire Hartten and Christine Rico through a collaboration with graduate students studying food, law and public health policy and peers from NRDC NY and other organizations. Recorded and transcribed by Georg Pedersen. Read a summary of the event by Rachel Signer on the Green Rabbits blog.
  • Thank you Peter Bain for designing the hand-lettered typographic identity for Green Rabbits. Congratulations for receiving the Communication Arts 2013 Award of Excellence for identity and having your work appear in their 3rd Annual Typography Exhibition.
  • Congratulations to Christine Rico for recently becoming an “Agent for Change” at the Center for Social Innovation, a co-working space in Manhattan that aims to foster a supportive environment for social innovators. Additionally, this past June, Christine spoke for over 130 people at The Foundation Center at a workshop on “Corporate Structures for Social Business,” with Jason Socall, co-founder of The Vanity PRoject, and B-Lab Policy Director Erika Trogain.
  • Check out the new Green Rabbits site created by Georg Pedersen & Claire Hartten; the site offers a video explaining some aspects of the Green Rabbits network; bios of the Rabbits; a blog that will stimulate conversation about current “sitopian” issues; and an events calendar.

Latest Green Rabbits Blog Posts:

**If you’d like to write for the Green Rabbits blog, send ideas torachel@greenrabbits.org

Readings Around the Web:

Courtesy of Misha Lepetic, a few curated links to food-related articles:

  • From Justin Erik Halldór Smith via his blog: “The Crispy and the Crunchy” – A brilliant food-angled parody of anthropology, beginning with Claude Lévi-Strauss and finishing in a lake in Kamchatka.

Other recommended reading:

  • From Terese Loeb Kreuzer via The Downtown Express: “Seeking a View into the Seaport’s Future” – This article exposes the back story on the call for City government to form a real planning effort to save Fulton Fishmarket and South Street Seaport. Add a comment alongside many Rabbits in support of the vision of New Amsterdam Market to revitalize the waterfront district as a living legacy and public market with 4 centuries of history.

  • From Lindsey Lusher Shute and Benjamin Shute via The New York Times: “Keep Farmland for Farmers” – An op-ed about the jeopardized future of our nation’s farmland

And special thanks to journalist and communications director Rachel Signer for developing, writing and editing our new blog and newsletter.


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