“American Meat” premieres at Cinema Village April 12-18

CM Capture 1Friends,

Many of you know that I’ve been working doing public relations for a film called American Meat; this documentary film tells a story about food that you haven’t heard before, even if you’ve seen Food Inc and maybe even if you’re an avid Michael Pollan reader. It’s a story about meat farming in the U.S., how it’s changing and where it might be headed, and why you should care. 

The film has been touring to colleges and high schools across the nation, and now it’s premiering here in New York City–with a smashing line-up of panel discussions. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the film and listen to a live discussion with food professionals and activists. American Meat is not a pro-vegetarian/vegan film; it’s a film for people who care about food, agriculture, public health, and our nation’s economy. And if you do like a good steak/hamburger/side of bacon, then it’s most definitely for you. More info/buy tickets HERE.

Main details:

When: April 12-18

Where: Union Sq’s Cinema Village! 

Each 7pm screening is followed by unmissable panel discussions including the likes of Joel Salatin (you know, the “chickens must express their chicken-ness” guy who runs Polyface Farms in Virginia); representatives from Niman Ranch, Applegate, and Chipotle; Brooklyn Grange founder Ben Flanner; South Bronx food justice activist Tanya Fields; New Amsterdam Market founder Robert LaValva; butcher Tom Mylan and green caterer Mary Cleaver–the list goes on! (Friday, April 12th is SOLD OUT, sorry.)

And . . . after the screenings, there are after-parties either at the Union Square Chipotle (on Friday, April 12th) or at Jimmy’s No. 43 in the East Village, so you’ll get to mingle with some of our nation’s finest farmers, food activists, urban planners, and chefs over local food and drinks.


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