Levitating and Grounding: a Trip to India

varanasi-rajendra-prasad-ghatI’ve spent all day thinking about my upcoming trip to India. This was supposed to be a trip to research a book proposal, and it’s turned into all sorts of things: liberation, nature, ashrams, the Ganges. This is part of a quest to integrate yoga and writing. They need to develop in tandem, not apart. The way to address writing is to deal with it like the chakra system—work from the ground up, create balance, clear out blockages, let the energy move through, and send it up and outward.

So far, here’s the itinerary: Rishikesh, Varanasi, Hampi, Kerala, Auroville. And of course other places I don’t even know about yet. I’m going to figure out India like I learn yoga postures: easing into it with curiosity and wonder, examining myself and responding, moving with grace, cultivating strength, listening to the music.

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