Oh editors, how do I love thee? Shall I count the ways…

Editors at Work (1)Well, really there’s just one main way that I love an editor: when she improves my work and publishes me!

No, that’s not true. I also love when editors tell me that my work is shit–actually that can be ten times more helpful. Ah, editors. Sometimes you want desperately to impress them (story pitches!), other times (when you’ve made a factual error or you’re past deadline–which I never am because I’m crazy about deadlines) you want to run and hide where they can’t find you (i.e. phone in airplane mode).

And still other times, like the evening of Wednesday, February 20th, you want to hear them talk on a panel convened by the Writers’ Institute at the Grad Center. In particular, you want to do this while sipping complimentary wine and nibbling at noshes (ack, I kind of hate that word; oh, well) like sushi, which is often present at Writers’ Institute events. If you don’t know what the Writers’ Institute is, I can tell you that it is awesome and you should come check it out; I’ll tell you more about how awesome it is when they hire me to do their PR in exchange for a tuition remission, hint hint Mr. Institute Director Dude, also known as Andre.

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