Love this: clip-on book lamp

2013-01-03 08.35.14So, after spending a bunch of money over the holidays on (a) gifts, food, and booze; (b) MFA applications; and (c) a yoga teacher training, and simultaneously having far less income because freelancers don’t get paid during the holidays when there’s less work, I thought it would be a great idea to go shopping at the Strand. And I was right, it was a fantastic idea, because I impulsively spent twenty bucks on this incredible gadget called The Book Lamp.

If you’re like me, you can’t afford a bed frame because you spend all your cash on yoga, books, and graduate school applications, so you always think to yourself as you read in bed at night, with the overhead light glaring above you, “Damn, wouldn’t it be nice if I had a little bedside lamp of some sort?” And then you never do anything about it, because lamps are pretty expensive and you don’t have a bed frame on which to clip those handy little ones meant for bedtime reading.

Have no fear–The Book Lamp(TM) clips directly onto your book! It’s amazing! And so cute. I think I’ll probably never go out again, and just stay in and read, which anyway is much more affordable and will probably result in me being so brilliant I don’t need a MFA. Then again, maybe this company will hire me to do their PR, and I’ll be able to buy a bed frame and a lamp.

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