Xmas reading: My essay for narrative.ly about getting to know a millionaire/socialite

Illustration by Sophie Butcher for narrative.ly
Illustration by Sophie Butcher for narrative.ly

Some leisurely reading for your week off: a story about the time I chased an Upper East Side socialite for the sake of journalism. I wrote this for narrative.ly, a cool new site producing unique stories about New York City (say it three times: unique New York…)

Happy holidays and thanks for reading!

“Suddenly it occurred to me that someone would need to pay for this meal. Someone…meaning me? The freelance writer with $42,000 in student loan debt, wearing socks with holes in them? The writer who barely ever took herself out to lunch, much less some wealthy lady who probably did coke off Andy Warhol’s forearm when she should have been going to college? I panicked at the idea of having to pick up a $300 lunch bill and wrote to Cornelia’s publicist to ‘clarify’ the terms of the meeting. Alas, we would not be ladies who lunch. Instead, we would be ladies having black coffee and green tea, at—per Cornelia’s suggestion—the lowbrow Three Guys Diner on Madison.”



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