My First Short Story Ever

I do believe I’ve located my first attempt at fiction-writing. It’s in a diary from 1992; it was written on December 29, at 4:32 pm (I was very specific about the time stamp on my diary entries, apparently). I was eight, a Junior Girl Scout, had a rapidly growing penny collection (including several wheat pennies!) as well as 92 Babysitters’ Club books, and was in love with three boys at my school. I think the story shows very sophisticated influences at an early age–Dickens, perhaps, and certainly Alcott, and maybe some Kerouackian inclinations.

“Brothers and Sisters, Two Different Worlds”

Hi! I’m Rachel. I have an identical twin sister, Kate. We’ve been friends since we knew we were sisters. I also have five brothers. They are quintraplets [sic]. Me and Kate call them “the terrible five.” Andrew and Justin do things like put glue on the toilet seat and green or blue hairdye in the shampoo. John and David like to lock me and Kate in the room we share or lock us out of the bathroom, while Sean usually puts tobasco sauce in our cereal. They’re especially cruel since they acts [sic] like an angel around grown-ups. They think they are so cute. Once Andrew glued the attic door shut when Dad was in the attic and he thought poor Kate did it. Another time David and his even worse friend Evan put itching power in Kate’s underpants!

Just yesterday John read my diary! Today they put a whoopee cushion on my stool and when I sat down . . . pppppttttthhhh! Kate told on him. All my mom said was, “You’re lying. They wouldn’t do a thing like that!”

Today Mom and Dad went into the living room but “the terrible five” didn’t know it. The kitchen was right next to the living room and that’s where Kate and I were when “the terrible five” started criticizing us. Mom heard. She sent them up to their room and apologized to Kate and I for not believing us. Everyone but “the terrible five” lived happily ever after.

The End.

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