Notes on a Hurricane: New York Feels Like a Small Place

Manhattan is being ravaged by Hurricane Sandy: buildings collapsing on 14th Street, cranes falling apart in Midtown, explosions in the Village and lights out up to 34th Street.

Over in Bed-Stuy we’ve still got power so we’re following everything on Twitter.

So far, there have been two iconic images:

One is Jane’s Carousel, in DUMBO, which is going underwater, shot by the Gothamist team, which I’m guessing is holed up in their office in DUMBO (way to stick it out for the sake of journalism, guys! They should get an award!). This waterfront is where I went running every day last summer . . . will it still be there, post-storm?

And the other is Manhattan, sans lumiere, up to 34th Street. When I saw the picture, I looked at the name of the photographer and realized that it’s a guy I went to high school with who is now a reporter for Bloomberg Businessweek! In the end, all this social media makes the hurricane a very communal event, and ultimately New York City feels like a small place.

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