On Jeff Sharlet’s Syllabus: My Essay “Mic Checked”

I received a pleasant surprise today when I opened my “Google Alert” (which lets me know when my name appears somewhere online): I learned that author and Harper’s editor Jeff Sharlet includes my essay, “Mic Checked,” on a syllabus for a writing course he teaches at Dartmouth. I’m there alongside Joan Didion’s Slouching Toward Bethlehem and James Baldwin’s “Down at the Cross.” OMG!

Sharlet told Neiman Lab’s Story Board:

“I thought this was the best piece I read on the experience of the Occupy movement. I like it because it’s more or less topical, by a writer breaking radically from her usual style, and because it’s in the second person. I normally forbid the second person for the duration of the term, but I start with this piece to remind students to break my rules when they need to.”


3 thoughts on “On Jeff Sharlet’s Syllabus: My Essay “Mic Checked”

  • Hi – thanks so much for the shoutout but a quick clarification. Nieman Storyboard and Nieman Lab are two separate publications under the same mothership, the Nieman Foundation for Journalism. Tx for the nod!

  • After reading “Freedom” and reflecting on how much more I enjoy your writing than Franzen’s, I wanted to make four comments, but then figured they wouldn’t register with you. Now maybe they will: (1) You don’t need a mentor, (2) You don’t need approval, (3) You don’t need £500 and a room of your own, (4) All you need is to keep writing.

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