My e-book: “Social Entrepreneurs Speak”

This summer, I decided to experiment with online publishing. I curated a selection of my interviews, essays, and articles on social entrepreneurship and social change that were originally written for, added an introductory essay (with help from a very astute editor), and made the thing into an e-book. Instead of going with the big mean publisher Amazon, I opted for a smaller company called Smashwords. They were a little slow in helping me with some of the problems I encountered with their production tools, but otherwise the process has been fairly straightforward.

Check out and buy the book here. Below is a description of what the book offers to readers. It’s on sale for $3.99–a veritable steal. And if you care to leave a review, I’ll appreciate that. (Or, I could just hire someone to do it…but I won’t.)

Book description: The media seems to be always stuck reporting on what’s wrong in the world–-an endless parade of economic, political, and cultural crises endangering the progress of history. If these problems are bigger than what the U.S. government, or the United Nations, or even the free market can handle, what hope is there of a solution? 

A new kind of entrepreneurship—agile, committed and broadminded—has arisen to take on the challenge. Social entrepreneurs and innovators are achieving, despite worsening government gridlock and persistent economic recession, remarkable results on both the local and global stage. Business and government can learn from their successes and failures, but their stories need to be heard.

This collection of interviews, profiles, and articles has been compiled from Rachel Signer’s work as a reporter and essayist for the website It lends voice to the social entrepreneurs and innovators who are attempting to mitigate the world’s “wicked problems.” Practitioners, students, and critics of social entrepreneurship alike will benefit from the case studies provided in Social Entrepreneurs Speak.

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