My essay: “What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘Girls'”

a.k.a. “what I learned from Lena Dunham and a few dates with a rich Manhattan lawyer.”

a.k.a. (the real title) “Girls of the Millennials.”

My essay in Construction Magazine:

“My dates with the lawyer got me thinking about my situation, and why I’m putting myself through years of scraping by to be, ultimately, a writer—someone who will most likely never earn as much as a lawyer. At first, going out with him and hearing about his high-end lifestyle made me self-conscious about our class differences. But then I remembered something I often think whenever I’m scrutinizing my life with some level of negativity: at least I will always know what it’s like to rely on myself through a time of struggle. Whatever happens in the future—a salaried job, a mortgage, a family—I will never doubt my own ability to survive by my wits, and I will always know who I am and what I stand for. Ultimately, I would take that kind of self-understanding over a relationship with a high-earning lawyer—or a $15,000-a-month apartment—any day. And that realization came to me in no small part because the lawyer and I had got to talking about Girls.”

P.S. Catch me today on the new HuffPost Live website, talking about Occupy Wall Street, around 3:45 or 4pm.

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