My Essay: “On Bed-Stuy And Brownstones”

Thought Catalog, an online magazine that I love for their simple, clean aesthetic and provocative content, has published my essay on living in Bed-Stuy and working there as a journalist for

“Someone once told me that New York City itself is a temporary condition: it dons and sheds costumes like a stage performer, shifting its shape as it fills with the various cacophonies of groups coming in to make the city their home, for a short time or forever. Many come to pursue something — to be near to their ‘giants,’ as EB White wrote in his 1949 essay, ‘Here Is New York’: ‘This excitation (nearness of giants) is a continuing thing. The city is always full of young worshipful beginners — young actors, young aspiring poets, ballerinas, painters, reporters, singers — each depending on his own brand of tonic to stay alive, each with his own stable of giants.'”

“As he told me about his time as a student, Weusi’s voice grew vulnerable, echoing years of feeling lonely and out of place. He had intended on going to law school, but a mentor told him that only people with money could do that, and suggested that he become a teacher instead. Later, while working as a social studies teacher in Bed-Stuy, Weusi grew even more frustrated by the homogenous nature of the education system. ‘The curriculums were very dry, very white,’ Weusi explained. “We weren’t in ‘em.'”

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