Daily Kos: Millennials Didn’t Just Create Our Entitlement, We Inherited It

Ah… vindication.

“It has been said that our generation is lazy; that we’ve refused to grow up. That, the story goes, is why so many of us have returned home after college and given ourselves the moniker of the “boomerang generation.” The narrative is that we’re entitled: that a generation built on political correctness and praise without performance has made us expect things we don’t deserve to receive. We’re not content, then, to work hard like the generations that preceded us, and to work our way up the ladder of opportunity; and once we figure out how tough the world actually is, we turn tail and crawl back home to our parents, who knew the value of hard work.

It’s a pleasant fiction designed to absolve the previous generation of responsibility from the simple fact that we live in the economy and society they guided and shaped. Far from not knowing the value of hard work and competition, we’re a generation where law school graduates compete like mad for the opportunity to ply their trade for free in the face of six figures of unrelenting school debt. Their generation’s executives continue to make more than ever off of the increasingly inexpensive labor our generation provides. So yes, our generation has delayed adulthood, but not because we’re lazy, or because we don’t want the responsibility of marriage and family, but because it takes us so much longer to begin to have the financial stability to consider it.”

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