Well, now I’ve discovered Sheila Heti.

Thanks to the aforementioned New Yorker essay by Anna Holmes (previous blog post) for alerting me to the writings of Sheila Heti:

From Heti’s recent novel, “How Should A Person Be?

“One good thing about being a woman is we haven’t too many examples yet of what a genius looks like. It could be me. There is no ideal model for how my mind should be. For men, it’s pretty clear. That’s the reason you see them trying to talk themselves up all the time.”

From “Why Go Out?

“ii. Do I actually enjoy it?

Does anyone actually enjoy more than one party in six? Does sex lead to satisfaction or merely make us want more sex, better sex, different sex, even as we’re having it? The same goes for conversation, companionship, everything.

No, other people don’t satisfy us, but rather, like cigarettes, give us the temporary illusionof satisfaction, while prolonging our dependence. And if we weren’t dependent on other people?”

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