Tidbits From The New Yorker’s Page Turner Blog

I am loving The New Yorker’s new literary blog, Page Turner.

There’s a great essay about the validity of portraying intimacy, specifically in the show “Girls” and other recent cultural products:

“Ray’s expression of disgust and his laundry list of purportedly more substantial topics sounded not unlike some of the show’s harshest critics, professional and amateur, who didn’t seem to know how to react to Dunham’s precisely observed, knowing depiction of intimate connections between young women. ‘The creative team behind ‘Girls’ throws everything at the wall (passionless sex, STIs, casual abortions, boring boyfriends, gay boyfriends, drugs, money woes, body image), in an effort to see what sticks,’ Asawin Suebsaeng wrote for Mother Jones…. Notice how in their litanies of supposedly frivolous subjects (a kind of inversion of Ray’s angry rant), these critics blithely dismiss matters of concern to a great many women. The passions provoked by the show—among both critics and admirers—suggest something both refreshing and a little startling: that a pop-culture product that focusses mostly on women and intimate, sometimes gruesome details of their lives, is still considered a provocation.”

Plus Part I of a letter explaining why the Pulitzer Prize committee declined to select a winner for the fiction category this year. (Part II to come tomorrow.)

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