Can The Recession Lead To Greater Happiness?

One couple’s story of how losing their high-salaried lifestyle ultimately led them to appreciate community. A thrifty lifestyle made them more dependent on their neighbors, and they found it surprisingly satisfying.

From Yes! Magazine:

“We were top earners then. I worked in outside sales, earning five-figure commissions until the stock market and banking crisis hit and all of my retailers ceased ordering. Our income streams fell by about 90 percent, and we tumbled from affluence to poverty. We quickly felt like imposters in that brand-new house with its wall-to-wall carpeting, recessed lighting, and built-in art niches. It wouldn’t be long, we knew, before we were officially outed as having Blown it Big Time.”

“Next door is a childless couple who never show up at our house without four cold bottles of beer in hand. The day we moved in, the wife shouted, “Hey! Do you need help?” And before we could answer, she had pushed up the sleeves of her corporate casual and proceeded to give us two or three hours of grueling labor. And we didn’t even get her name ’til halfway through; she was too busy hauling. Now, they give me monthly rides to Costco, and we repay them with mismatched dozens of eggs in a bright pink crate, when the hens are productive.”

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