My Personal Essay/Op-Ed Writing Workshop in August

After taking four writing workshops over the past year, I am gearing up to teach one of my own, through Skillshare, in August. It meets for two sessions: August 8th and 15th, in the evenings. It is $45 but I am offering a discount code if you sign up before July 15th (ask me for it).

You can learn more and sign up here.

A brief description: “Personal essay writing is a form of expression, a means of telling a story, a way of arguing a point, and a therapeutic exercise. It can be any or all of those things, depending on the author’s intentions. In this course, participants will learn about what makes a personal essay successful and interesting to readers, based on sample essays that will be provided in the first meeting. Additionally, the first meeting will include in-class exercises that will prepare people to work on a personal essay at home. Each participant will craft a personal essay according to the topic of his or her choice and bring it in for a structured critique session in the second meeting. The instructor will also impart advice on working with editors and getting published. All are welcome in this course, whether you see yourself as a career writer, have an op-ed you want to polish and get published, or seek a creative outlet or hobby.”

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