The Two Best Things I Read Today (And One That Made Me Mope)

1. Jonathan Franzen (who fortunately got out of that stuck elevator in the Conde Nast building!) on a writer’s loyalty to others and herself, and on fighting for the freedom, and the ability, to speak truthfully in one’s writing:

“But what I’ve learned is that there’s potential value, not only for your writing but also for your relationships, in taking autobiographical risks: that you may, in fact, be doing your brother or your mother or your best friend a favour by giving them the opportunity to rise to the occasion of being written about – by trusting them to love the whole you, including the writer part. What turns out to matter most is that you write as truthfully as possible.”

2. John Cassidy on why it was a bad idea for Wisconsinites to try to oust union-busting Governor Scott Walker–and the broader ramifications of this instance of class conflict:

“In short, it’s a class conflict. On one side are right-wing billionaires like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson, who exploit quirks in the campaign-finance laws and anxiety among taxpayers to further their conservative agendas, and shadowy corporate-financed organizations, such as the American Legislative Exchange Council, orALEC, which helped draft many of the anti-union bills that Republican statehouses have adopted. On the other side are teachers, janitors, municipal administrative workers, cops, and firemen.”

**And this just made me depressed. C’mon, Bill, shut your trap and let Barack do the talking! You just stand there and look pretty.


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