My interview with Jacob Krupnick, producer of “epic dance music video” Girl Walk//All Day

You know how the guy in last night’s episode of “Girls” is making a “mash-up”? (Or “mash-in,” as Jessa insists on calling it, to the wannabe-cool-guy-but-hipster-hater’s dismay.) Well, his mash-up sucked, but Philly-based Girl Talk made a really bad-ass one, and then Brooklyn-based photographer Jacob Krupnick became really obsessed with it and used it as a soundtrack for a crazy movie where dancers boogie through the streets of New York, and then I saw that film at the Brooklyn Museum and became really obsessed with it, and then I interviewed Jacob Krupnick about making the film and now it’s up on BOMB magazine’s blog, so you can become obsessed with that.

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