Looking for a Kickstarter project to support? Try these ones!

Acquaintances of mine who run a kooky, experimental design project called spurse are trying to Kickstart a project called “Eat Your Sidewalk!” that will merge local food, public art, and urban revitalization. They plan to hold a 7-day challenge where people only eat what they find under their feet, on the sidewalk, in order to raise awareness about our immediate environments. This will happen in Sherbrooke, Quebec, and Detroit, over the summer. 

Right now, they are pretty far away from meeting their goal–so check out their project and if you like it, donate! If they don’t get to $23,000 in 3 days, they will have to give it another go (and all donations will be returned). I know spurse and have seen examples of their work before and I am inspired by their explorations of geography and human relations, so I personally would love to see this project get off the ground, even if it doesn’t get fully funded! (Scroll down the Kickstarter page for the FAQs, where it explains what the money’s for and other important things.)

And while you’re on a Kickstarter donation rampage, support a literary project I’m involved in, Nomadic Sojourns! We are publishing the first edition of what will be an annual journal about movement, later this summer. Your support is greatly appreciated!

About 80 percent of Kickstarter projects fail the first time around, supposedly. So, hopefully both of these endeavors will eventually make their way to the funding they need. Lately I have been wondering whether people are starting to get a little tired of crowdfunding; perhaps it has peaked as an exciting phenomenon, and now people are a little tired of it or wondering how it really solves our bigger problems.

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