Adbusters Wants To Bust The New York Times

This is interesting: Adbusters says that the New York Times is “denying” them the right of reply in regard to a recent column by David Brooks where he refers to Adbusters as the magazine “previously best known for the 2004 essay, “Why Won’t Anyone Say They Are Jewish?” — an investigative report that identified some of the most influential Jews in America and their nefarious grip on policy.” Adbusters felt that Brooks portrays the magazine as “anti-Jewish.”

From what I can tell, I think that the Times is upholding protocol by simply not giving Adbusters more space than they normally allot, and Adbusters is taking offense to this as if it were a personal attack. If I were Adbusters, I would pen an op-ed and try to get that in the Times. Or just avoid responding in the Times altogether and write the response in any other news outlet, mainstream or not: The Nation, Huffington Post, AlterNet. Shouldn’t be hard to find an audience.

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