Evolution Of A Democracy…

34.3.1 Spokes Council Model from the Structure Working Group:
The proposal is available at http://www.nycga.net/spokes-council/

Marissa: Hi, I’m Marissa, I’m from the structure working group, after 2 GA discussions, we started meeting to discuss problems of structure. Our movement is growing at a rapid pace. Every night we see new people. And we hear new voices. This is amazing and historic. But working groups, who do most of the day to day work, that keep us warm and safe, have found it difficult to work within the GA. Many of those groups, don’t even come to GA anymore. We need a process for those groups that is accountable and transparent. For instance, financial decisions, are very difficult to make with the people’s mic. They require, longer dialogue. A spokescouncil, allows working groups and caucuses, to maintain our culture of horizontal process, participation and direct democracy, but in keeping with our larger scale. The structure working group has a proposal that outlines the spokescouncil model. It is now being distributed for you to review. We are suggesting, that we all break out into groups of 20 or so and meet for about 30 mintues, then we will reconvene, each group, will have someone report back suggestions for the structure working group. We will take these suggestions and make an amended proposal tomorrow night. How do people feel about that.
Members of the structure working group, will be visiting your break out groups to help answer questions.

34.3.2 Sonni: So to reiterate, what we’re going to do now, is break into groups of about 20. Read the proposal. Designate one person to take notes and report back on what you love about the proposal and what you’d like to see changed about the proposal. And after small groups, each group will be able to report back for 1 to 2 minutes, and your notes will be sent to the structure working group. Can I see some fingers if you understand the plan? Let’s implement the plan.



One thought on “Evolution Of A Democracy…

  • This is interesting. It potentially addresses several things at the same time. (1) With spokes instead of stacks, it would be easier to require that at least one representative of each working group be present for each GA, that (2) No significant action can be taken without GA approval, and that (3) Like a well-facilitated cabinet meeting, if each working group had to weigh in on each decision of significance, then the fullest collective wisdom could be drawn upon. (Like if there were a Good Neighbor Working Group, it might reign in potential excesses of an Action Working Group.)

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