Crowdfunding part deux: help fund my story on a small town revival

I’m at it again: this is the second time I’m using crowdfunding site to support an article I’m working on. The previous one was a story about the Advantage housing voucher program that was de-funded in April. (Update: currently there’s a battle going on in court as the city has been told it is legally obliged to continue supplying the voucher to formerly homeless families using it to pay for housing.)

This next project is about a small town in Pennsylvania that’s got a charismatic mayor working to turn it from an impoverished, crime-ridden place into a flourishing community with urban gardens, art projects, and more.

Check out my pitch on, and if you like the story, please support it by either donating directly to my fundraising campaign or, at no cost at all to you, taking a survey on the site and thereby donating around $5 through the survey partner.

thanks and I’ll update you when I’ve met the fundraising goal and begun preparing for my trip to Braddock!

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