Sites I like: LearnVest and TheMotleyFool

In an economic crisis like this one, we’ve all got money woes. And if you’re dealing with debt burdens, underemployment or unemployment, or high living-costs in a city, you’re probably feeling especially hopeless. But you don’t need to. Even though many of us can go through life without learning basic financial literacy and investing skills, it’s never too late to teach yourself.

LearnVest and TheMotleyFool are fun, user-friendly, and almost-entirely free websites that provide online modules to help you become financially empowered. On LearnVest, which is specifically geared toward young, professional women, you can enroll in one of their “boot camps” that help you become more in control of your debt burden or more financially literate. On MotleyFool, you can learn the basic steps of investing, including how to create a portfolio, whether you’re ready to invest, and when it’s worth it to find a broker.

If you’re like me, and studied something relatively impractical like anthropology, you may feel intimidated by the idea of investing, or believe that you’ll never master your own finances. Tell that voice inside your head to shut up, because you are in fact perfectly capable of doing both of those things. These websites are a good place to start getting basic knowledge that will raise your confidence and get you prepared to take control of your money.


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