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The word “Foodieodical” is a new one for me, I must say.

Get on it, here.

My first home-made ramen. It was KILLAH!1380748_10101748091891646_9016768064819597977_n

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Last Sunday, I had a press pass to Taste Williamsburg / Greenpoint, an event in the East River Park featuring about a thousand amazing food and drink vendors, or at least that’s what it felt like. Overall, the showcase really demonstrated North Brooklyn’s culinary wealth, and how it’s only growing.

In addition to the dishes portrayed in the halfway-decent iPhone photos I’m sharing here, highlights included tasting a very delicious beverage called “Aphrodite Rising,” made by Hotel Delmano‘s talented mixologist Jonathan Kobritz. It was also cool to meet the people staffing the tables and check out the decorations–it gave me a sense of what it would be like to actually dine in these places. If you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, I would suggest either Lighthouse, whose Thai squid salad was one of the best dishes I tasted, or Delaware and Hudson, who served up a creamy, salty bluefish pate on crisp flatbread with shaved radishes and purslane that was just wow, wow, wow. Oh, and maybe grab dessert at Fabbrica. I ate an entire piece of whatever that rich multi-layered chocolate candied-cherry cream thing was.

Behold, and let your mouth water:

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I’m Doing This

I’m writing about superfoods and other food / wine topics at Food Republic

I’m reviewing Women in Clothes for The Millions

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I’m drinking a lot of wine

I’m over-sharing about AirBnb at The Billfold

I’m drinking even more wine

Sophia orange wine


photo (22) kingsMy beloved Williamsburg! I have captured thee to the best of my humble ability for the official tourism website of the grand City of New York.

I dedicate this to Verb and Kings Pharmacy, may they rest in retail peace.

From all corners of the country, I’m getting e-mails from people I haven’t heard from in years. “I saw you on TV! You look great!”

I am not an actor by trade, and yet I wound up in a Match.com commercial that is currently airing on several major networks, including ESPN, Bravo, and the Food Network. My roommate is a professional actor and she would kill for an opportunity like this, but I just stumbled into it. I was scouted by a talent agency, randomly, while I was working at my retail job in Williamsburg (by a customer!). She took me outside for a 2-minute video interview. A few weeks later, I went to Madison Square Park for the shoot. I waited around for a few hours, chatting with the rest of the “talent”–many of whom turned out to be actual professional actors. I figured, if these “real” actors are here, I’m sure they won’t actually use my footage–it will just be market research. Finally, I was called, and my stomach started fluttering just like it would in high school right before I made a stage entrance. I’d forgotten how amazing that feeling is!

They filmed me talking to the guy in the shot with me about why I wasn’t on Match. At first, I was a little restrained; I wasn’t sure how honest they would want me to be, so I said that I felt deterred by the $60 membership fee (which is true). They cut the take and I thought we were finished. Then, someone whispered into my interviewer’s ear bud–perhaps sensing that I had not entirely fessed up–and we did another take. That’s when I gave a more honest explanation, and that’s what ended up in the ad.

So, there’s my acting debut! I got paid $250 total. Normally, actors receive payment each time a commercial airs. Here’s to being cheap labor. Oh, and my mother is truly embarrassed.


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